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Penguins 2.0


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Filename penguins2.zip (Download)
Title Penguins 2.0
Author Bill Nagel (b.nagel@usa.net)
Category TI-83 Assembly Games (AShell83)
File Size 6,648 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Dec 24 20:53:01 1997
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 Takes forever to beat and also includes a level editor.
Controls: 8/10 Somewhat erratic.
Implementation: 9/10 Incredible.
Overall: 10/10 Haven't you gotten the point yet? Penguins RULES, okay? Quit wasting your time reading this review and go play it.

Penguins was one of the first platform-style games for the TI-83, and it has survived basically unchanged in the conversion to AShell. It is also an incredible game. Even using two colors and the low resolution of the TI-83 screen, the graphics are nearly TI-92 quality. There's not a lot of fine detail, but everything is recognizable.

Although the gameplay is platform-style, it's really more of a puzzle game sometimes. Since you can't take the Mario approach and stomp and/or zap the monsters, you have to avoid them all, which is pretty challenging. Expect to be killed in the same spot numerous times before you finally find the exact movements required to avoid that little rolling smiley face. (Yes, Penguins is a weird game. That's the cool thing about it.)

There's a really great variety of monsters here. Ranging from the small round Goomba-like things which just crawl on the ground back and forth to the incredibly annoying blob things which jump around and chase you, and all the way up to the evil penguin final boss, they all have unique AI routines, leading to a great variety of play.

The levels are all unique as well. The cave looks like a cave, the water looks like water, and so on. (Pete the Pimpin' Penguin can even swim!) The difficulty level doesn't seem to vary a whole lot, though; the first level seems to be just about as hard as the last level. The only problem here is that once you learn how to get past the various monsters, you can get past them again fairly easily.


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