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Baseball '99 v1.1


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Filename baseball.zip (Download)
Title Baseball '99 v1.1
Author Sam Heald (samuel.heald@duke.edu)
Category TI-83 Assembly Games (AShell83)
File Size 14,462 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Jan 4 03:00:37 1999
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 7/10 Enter. 2nd. Enter. 2nd. How can something so inane be so addictive?
Controls: 6/10 There's not a whole lot to control here.
Implementation: 7/10 Not enough variety in gameplay. Too much emphasis on the random number generator.
Overall: 7/10 For a calculator, pretty good. For baseball, not so good.

Ah, baseball. One of the national past times of this wonderful little country called America, along with Investigating The Private Lives Of Celebrities And Politicians and Bombing The &$#@ Out Of Weaker Nations. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the scent of fresh-cooked hot dogs, the powerful chords of the game's ancient melody "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" - not one of these is present in the 83 port of the timeless game.

The gameplay is limited compared to the true game of baseball as well as the baseball games for home gaming consoles. You hit enter to signal to the pitcher, hoist the bat over your shoulder, focus on the hurtling rectangle, and hit 2nd to suh-WING... and the ball goes zooming off in a completely random direction until it smacks one of the motionless outfielders in the head and the word "Out" hovers in the sky over the diamond. The trajectory of the ball seems to be determined completely at random when you hit it. The outfielders do not run and chase the ball and shout "I've got it!" - they simply wait for it to come to them, which happens a good deal more frequently than it would in real baseball. You don't get to play defense; the opposing team's score is randomly added to between your innings.

In defense of the game, there are a variety of play options - an exhibition mode, a rather frustrating home run derby mode, and a season mode which stores your team's statistics over 50 games and allows you to save and turn off the calculator. At their heart, however, they all have the same gameplay with only minor alterations. The graphics, while not detailed or beautiful, are effective enough to see where everything is. The ball moves way too slow, but since there's only one pixel where you can swing and hit it, it's challenging enough.

Overall, Baseball '99 fails to capture the true essence of the game. It's small, though, so for those bored moments in Algebra class...


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