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Little Dude Episode 1 v1.0


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Filename ldude83.zip (Download)
Title Little Dude Episode 1 v1.0
Author Chris Edwards (cxe162@psu.edu)
Category TI-83 Assembly Games (AShell83)
File Size 10,658 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Jun 3 23:34:48 1998
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 7/10 You probably won't really want to play it again after you beat it and know all the solutions, but it'll keep you occupied until then.
Controls: 6/10 It's irritating to not be able to hit 2nd to skip the opening screens and select on menus.
Implementation: 8/10 A very well done game.
Overall: 9/10 It rules!

According to the Readme, this is the author's first attempt at an asm game. I'd never have guessed this from the game, though. It's a fairly well-done puzzler, starring the creatively named Little Dude, who arrives at Space Station Liberty only to find that the crew has been slaughtered by jellyfish-like aliens.

Little Dude has to fight his way through the aliens through several levels, consisting of a number of rooms linked by teleporters. (Apparently, no one walks from room to room on Liberty.) While fighting off the aliens, he must navigate his way through mazes of barrels, conveyer belts, and locked doors to reach the exit of each level. This is by far easier said than done.

The graphics of the game, while simple, manage to convey the idea of what they are well. There are a few minor problems, however; the bullets from Little Dude's gun fly too fast to tell whether you're firing or just standing there, and the aliens are often hard to see as well. I've also had to look for a minute a couple of times to figure out which of the objects on the screen is Little Dude.

There are a few minor but noticeable problems in the coding. It has a tendency to tack a few extra digits (normally 3, 9, and 7 for me) before the level number and the number of lives left. The highlighted item on the menus tends to flicker and the bar is not completely cleared when you move it. Fortunately, these are minor problems and do not interfere too much with the game. There's also the fact that the status display area on the side of the screen seems far too large to contain only Little Dude's life meter and number of keys, which is all I've ever seen in it.

Overall, though, I recommend that you at least try this game out. Either you'll decide that puzzles really aren't your thing and take it off, or you'll love it and drive yourself insane (or sane, as the case may be) trying to figure out how to get to that stupid switch in the corner. (To tell the truth, the puzzles aren't incredibly hard, just hard enough to keep you occupied.)


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