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Review by  Aaron Mckaw
Reviewed on 2018-01-14
This is one of the most impressive Ti-89 games I've seen. Its actual 3D, not just ray casting. it has stairs and different heights, and the textures look pretty decent to. The gameplay is very similar to Doom.

Graphics 10/10 Best I've seen on a calculator

Gameplay 8.5/10 Gets Repetitive after a while

Speed 8/10 It takes a little to long to turn around

Replay ability 7/10

Overall 9/10 Totally Recommended

My biggest problem with this game though is there's no variety. No Key Cards To Collect, only 2 weapons, you end up just wandering through levels looking for the exit, and also there's only 5 levels. With more levels and weapons, this could be the best Ti-89 game.

Review by  aaron mckee
Reviewed on 2017-09-09
This game is amazing. It doesn't use ray casting, so there is different heights, stairs, bridges and more. There are 3 guns With the one you start with has infinite ammo, but its not as powerful as the others, balancing it out nice. the textures are incredible. There are different shapes, and nice looking textures, and things that look like screens on the walls. The level design is well done, and its not tedious at all. The AI isn't to bad, but not to hard. The game runs pretty smooth and fast. The Sound Isn't The Best, but it was a nice feature. I only had 2 problems.

1. Turning around take like 3 seconds.

2. There is no save feature.

Even With these 2 issues, its the best first person shooter I've played on a calculator.

Graphics: 10/10

Originality: 8/10

Design: 9/10

Fun I had Playing: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

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