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Review by  Deep Thought
Reviewed on 2010-10-10
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is probably the single most brilliant ASM program I have ever seen.

Axe is a totally new language for the 83+/84+ series, and it's amazing. It's useful for BASIC programmers to make fun, fast games without having to look up hundreds of pages of tutorials for a difficult, impossibly low-level language, and for ASM programmers to make games that are just as great as those written in pure ASM without the hassle of programming assembly on a computer and constantly debugging. It is much harder to learn and more risky than BASIC, since it does compile to ASM, but the results are amazing.

Syntax: 9/10

Tailored for TI calcs; simple; similar to TI-BASIC; mostly consistent

Speed: 10/10

I just compiled an 8000-byte program in two seconds; that is freakin' fast.

Usability: 9/10

Simple; acceptable size (two flash pages as of the time this review was written); intuitive controls; YOU MUST READ THE README

Practicality: 10/10

Brilliant concept; convenient on-calc editing; familiar TI-OS editor

Learning curve: Y=2X

Somewhat steep (definitely much harder than TI-BASIC, but much easier both to learn and to code than TI-ASM); easy to code once you grasp the concepts; DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH TI-BASIC; TI-ASM experience very helpful in many situations

Overall: Y=2X+38/40

Review by  Ashbad Alvin
Reviewed on 2010-08-26
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Never use BASIC or Asm again! This MLL (medium level language) for the 83+/84+ family is pretty sweet!

User friendliness: 8/10

Great how it scrolls instantly to and error point by pressing Prgm. It's also great how it uses the BASIC editor, unlike something like BBCbasic.

Professionalness: 9/10

Compile an AXE program into an ASM program—and you can make it compatible with the shells Ion, MirageOS, and Doors CS! You can EVEN SIGN IT AS AN APP ON YOUR CALC!!! (but I noticed some sprite problems in compiled apps as opposed to compiled programs)

Documentation: 9.5/10

Explanatory and concise, it's great for people who already know BASIC and the concept of pointers. Switching from ASM to Axe is even easier!

Originality: 9/10

First on calc compiler! sweet...

Compiled size vs. source / Mathematics: 7/10

Now one problem Axe has is that a comppiled program is usually 1.5 times as large as the source (usually—math programs might be 3x as large, graphics programs about the same as the source). Though, it has gotten better over time. The order of operations is different, going left to right (but will do parenthesis first, of course). Plus, math programs are pretty inflated. Fortunately, this version is the first to support floating point numbers (kinda...). Don't use Axe for any serious math programs...

Graphics: 10/10

...But DEFINATELY USE IT FOR GRAPHICS PROGRAMS AND GAMES! It's so good, even implementing grayscale is easy. Not flickerless, but pretty darn good in three shade (don't use 4 shade—now that's one flickery jewel :)


I suggest using it if you aren't already! Trust me, it beast ASM, and creams BASIC!

(Xlib is dead! Long live Xlib!)

Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-05-22
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

No, Axe does not deserve Best Program of the Month. It does not deserve Best Program of the Year.

It deserves Best Program of Forever. :)

This is THE BEST THING to come to the 83 and 84 Plus, ever since xLib and Celtic III. What's funny about that is that it serves as a replacement to the same. EVERYONE who is experienced and interested in programming should have this on their calculator.

How to use:

1. Write your program using the *ON-CALC* TI-BASIC editor.

2. Run the parser *ON-CALC*. Select and compile your program *ON-CALC*.

3. Run your favorite shell *ON-CALC*.

4. Play your game *ON-CALC*.

Did I forget to mention ON-CALC?

Review by  Ray Perry
Reviewed on 2010-04-22
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I have personally seen this project through since its alpha stages and I must say, this is no joke. This is a serious app for those people who have a solid grip on TI-BASIC. (Why this is not on the front page is beyond me.)

Since this is a programming language, my review will be a bit weird but, so be it. This program needs endorsement.

Usability: 25 / 25

*I use this program all the time. And, even though it is a beta, I dare say that it is the only language I code in as of late. The program gives you blazing speed for little to no cost (in regards to learning curve) and if you have a SE calculator, you get the ability to make the game THREE TIMES FASTER with one command! That is brilliant.

Practicality: 25 / 25

*"This is Axe Parser. You make video games with me." No more explanation is needed.

Total: 50 / 50

*This APP is a must-have for all BASIC programmers.

Review by  Drew DeVault
Reviewed on 2010-04-20
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Axe is a great application to write assembly-speed programs on-calc with a simple language very similar to TI-Basic.

Usability: 8/10 (The occasional odd errors)

Speed: 10/10 (Compiling is fast, the binaries are fast)

Learning Curve: 7/10 (Easy, but confusing in places)

Overall: 9/10

I love Axe. I have been using it since the early betas. I recommend it to any TI-Basic programmer out there.

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