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Review by  tobias bora
Reviewed on 2012-09-29
Thanks a lot for this program, it seems to be to only one available on linux, so thanks a lot ! It works greats !

Compiling it is very easy if you don't forget to change in the Makefile 32 to 64 if you run it on a 64bits computer. (and don't forget 32 in -DUSE_FILE32API) !

Review by  Jim Bauwens
Reviewed on 2012-07-03
Luna is a must have tool for every serious Lua coder. It's also your only choice if you are using Linux (as is my case). Because it's a command line tool it allows you to script powerful building scripts. For example, I have a key binding in Geany (an IDE) that will automatically build my Lua projects and send the file directly to my calculator with the help of TiLP. You can't do that with TI's Lua SDK ;)

Score: 10/10 because it does everything I want, and without it I would be much less productive.

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