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Review by  Nickan Fayyazi
Reviewed on 2012-06-21
Pixel Escape is an AMAZING game. Kudos to Christoffer for all his hard work. It's an excellent copter clone.

Gameplay: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10 (very beautiful, and the black and white makes it more impressive)

Fun factor: 9/10

Controls: 9/10

Lag: 9/10 (can get slightly laggy after several games, but this can be fixed by restarting the game)

Overall: 9/10

I would definitely recommend this game. Get it now! (unless, of course, you don't have an Nspire).

Review by  Karl Noss
Reviewed on 2011-08-20
This is the first helicopter clone on the Nspire, and it's very, very polished. The graphics are tastefully done, and the gameplay is addictive. I liked the badges that you get when you beat your high score. And it's nice that the game saves your high score.

There's nothing bad about this game. It's a helicopter clone, and done well. Score: 9/10

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