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All-In-One Trig Pack


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Filename allinonetrigpack.zip (Download)
Title All-In-One Trig Pack
Description Like the name states, this is an All-In-One Trig Pack that includes all of my trig programs for various needs in math. This program is bundled into 1 app and is named strategically to help users have quick and easy access to all programs in this pack. The programs in this pack include: Unit Circle V1: This is a program used to quickly see the values on the Unit Circle. This includes Degrees, Radians, Cosine, sine, and tangent. Unit Circle V2: This is my second version of unit circle. This version allows you to choose between the values sin, cos, tan, csc, cot, and sec, and type in the number of your choice such which will give you both the radian and degree values. Example: SIN(1/2)= Radian 1: pie/6 Degree 1: 30 Radian 2: 5pie/6 Degree 2: 150. This is useful for Algebra 2, Trig, and, Pre-Calculus. (You can use Unit Circle #1 for more features to this program. SOHCAHTOA: This is a program that helps you solve the famous SOHCAHTOA formula. For those who have not learned about this: SOHCAHTOA is Sin(X)=Opposite side(of the given angle)divided by the Hypotenuse, and Cos(X)=Adjacent side (of the given angle) divided by the Hypotenuse, and Tan(X)=Opposite side(of the given angle) divided by the Adjacent side (of the given angle) SOHCAHTOA is used for right triangles only, but is very useful in many problems. This program will also solve the measure of the angle if it is the part the problem that you have to solve for. Good for: Geometry, Trig, Algebra 2, and some of Pre-Cal. Trig Ratios: This program gives you the decimal value of SIN, COS, TAN, COT, CSC, SEC for any angle in degree or radian. Good for Trig, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Calculus. Read the Readme for more info. (For exact values use the unit circle section of the pack.
Author Taylor Harvin (calc84questions@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Flash Math Programs (BasicBuilder)
File Size 8,156 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Apr 21 12:08:53 2010
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



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All-in-one Trig Pack/1TayTrig.8xk   10888
All-in-one Trig Pack/1TayTrig.txt   625
All-in-one Trig Pack/SOHCAHTOA.txt   787
All-in-one Trig Pack/Trigonometric Ratios.txt   413
All-in-one Trig Pack/Unit Circle V1.txt   594
All-in-one Trig Pack/Unit Circle V2.txt   727

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