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Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-06-08
Puyo Puyo is a great game for TI-83 Plus. The controls are very intuitive, and the game is just great. In fact, it is so great, I deleted it off my calculator so I could get my life back.

The most novel part of this game is how it asks you to hold your calculator: sideways. When you start the game, it asks you to "Flip Calc" and hold it gamepad style, using the numpad to play the game. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a "power to the lefties" game. Rather, it is a "power to the unjustly treated righties" game, since the movement pad on every single game controller known to man (except of course the calculator) is operated by the left hand.

The game itself is great. Although it is not an original concept, the game is ported very well to the 83 Plus series. Simply match together 4 like blocks and attempt to make combos. My only peeve with this game is how they manage garbage in 1P mode, by using a timer. One thing I would like is if it simulated a Vs. CPU mode, in which garbage was simulated by an imaginary second player which you attempted to defeat, like in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine for Sega Genesis. (However, such a mode would also dictate using standard orientation and a tiny tile size so you could see your foe.)

Actually, my only peeve with this game is that it is so addicting! I sometimes find myself playing it compulsively, and then I feel ashamed afterwards when I haven't got any work done. If you find it hard to stop playing games, do not send this to your calculator to play during math class, or any class whatsoever!

But overall, an 8/10, only falling short because of addiction level.

Review by  Michael Lee
Reviewed on 2010-01-01
Good work. For what the game is, the game is good. The only complaint I have is no righty mode, and a slightly slow rotating animation; maybe you could speed up the animation a little, or lower the number of frames per animation? The slow animation makes the controls seem a little laggy.

Graphics: 5

Control: 4

Replayability: 4

Overall: 13/15

Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- Smooth gameplay. I loved how the game is executed. 10/10

Memory- When I first looked at this, I was scared by the filesize. Turns out the animated screenshot was what took up most of the file and I only needed the MirageOS program. Perfect size for this game. 10/10

Creativity- Kind of makes me think of dino puzzle from Puzzpack but at a very different level. The title really drew my attention. Job well done. 10/10

File- The readme is very helpful. 10/10

Graphics- very fast and perfect execution on blocks. 10/10

Controls- This is where it kind of goes down. The sideways takes some getting used to and most of the time I was pressing 1 to change the block instead of 2. Not entirely user friendly. Maybe if you added a feature to change the keys. 8/10

Overall- Perfect game and a definite download for any calc user. 10/10

Suggestions- None it has everything I expected!

Well that's my review. Now I got to go clear the garbage before the bomb falls in!

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