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Review by  Jens Renders
Reviewed on 2014-06-22
This language is simply amazing when compared to the standard on TI calc's, TI-BASIC. It surprises me that this is so little known. It's syntax is very much like TI-Basic, it is just as easy to learn, but it is so much faster! To illustrate: I wrote a simple primality test in both TI-BASIC ans BBCBASIC. The result were 2 programs that looked almost exactly the same, except for the missing modulo operator in TI-BASIC that had to be worked around. Then I tested them worth with the prime number 1235321. TI-BASIC took 12.3 seconds, BBCBASIC took only 1.7 seconds! Apart from speed, BBCBASIC also features the defining of functions, a very useful missing feature of TI-BASIC. It does take longer to type on calculator, because you cannot select the commands from menus like in TI-BASIC, but it is not that much work and you get fast at typing them. You can also program it on PC if you want.

Review by  Robert Kipling
Reviewed on 2009-04-13
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

When I read the short article about BBC BASIC, I thought I would give it a try. After all, there hasn't been an innovative way to integrate BASIC's ease-of-use with Z80 assembly's speed. There are methods, but they're usually memory-expensive calls to assembly-language routines.

This program certainly delivered. In addition to inline assembly language (straight in the code), it also boasts all the features of traditional BASIC, including loading and saving files (as variables!), graphics options, and the like. The "keyboard" is a little confusing, but relatively easy to adapt to after a little trial-and-error.

The one gripe I have with BBC BASIC is its editor. Instead of letting you edit it directly, the editor is line-based, so you have to tell it which lines of code to list and re-type them (or copy them) to change them. If you need to insert ten lines of code between line 16 and line 17 -- good luck, you'll need it.

BBC BASIC is an interesting and powerful implementation of BASIC, *real* BASIC, for the TI-83 calculator. Unfortunately, the nostalgic but unfriendly environment might put off novices. Good for an intense program, but not quick enough to make something useful during a math competition.

Overall 6/10

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