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Scorch v. 1.3


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Filename scorch.zip (Download)
Title Scorch v. 1.3
Description This game is an adaption of the famous "Scorched Earth" - the mother of all games. Try it out: It's a COMPLETE-version and you'll have fun, a lot of fun. There's a lot of new stuff. ENJOY IT! FEATURES: for all 68k-calculators (89/89ti/92+/v200), grayscale graphics, nice menus, 6 ai-levels, 7 choosable tanks, 14 weapons, 4 armors, up to 5 players (human or computer), various and funny settings and ... ... A LOT OF NOSTALGIA!
Author Martin Huber (mhubi@freesurf.ch)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Strategy)
File Size 249,060 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Nov 5 16:30:52 2005
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Eric Peng
Reviewed on 2006-06-16
“Scorch” is a nice program, which is a take-off of a rather famous flash game called "Tanks," a free internet game. The program is very user-friendly and there is a multitude of options: up to 5 players, up to 99 rounds, etc. The only thing I would say is wrong with it is the fact that the game is completely rigged for the first player to win. For this, I absolutely detest this game. Not to be boastful, but I am well versed in the art of the game "Tanks." The fact that I lost 7 rounds in a row, as the second player, and the fact that my baby missiles do less damage than my opponent's, along with the fact that even when my opponent completely missed my tank, I was damaged by the baby missile, and the fact that when my extended MIRV (for crying out loud) landed right on my opponent’s tank, blew up and did nothing, while my opponent had a normal amount of shields, all factor into my point. As nice as the graphics and basically everything else are, the game is rigged and caused a competitive person much grief; after I've endured a lot I must give this a 0/10. Don't get this game. It's a waste of effort and time.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Scorch13/GPL.txt   15387
Scorch13/ReadMe13.txt   6248
Scorch13/Screenshots/SCREEN_1.GIF   1729
Scorch13/Screenshots/SCREEN_2.GIF   936
Scorch13/Screenshots/SCREEN_3.GIF   1494
Scorch13/Screenshots/SCREEN_FILM.GIF   25030
Scorch13/Source/Ai13.c   7868
Scorch13/Source/bg_big13.h   26036
Scorch13/Source/bg_small13.h   13678
Scorch13/Source/boolsoft.h   2230
Scorch13/Source/data13.h   8751
Scorch13/Source/definitions13.h   5898
Scorch13/Source/Extern13.c   12681
Scorch13/Source/extgraph.a   368164
Scorch13/Source/extgraph.h   113880
Scorch13/Source/functions13.h   4762
Scorch13/Source/Gamefunc13.c   38212
Scorch13/Source/Gui13.c   28137
Scorch13/Source/Input13.c   4305
Scorch13/Source/Main13.c   18981
Scorch13/Source/main-h13.h   1897
Scorch13/Source/pixcollide8.s   2647
Scorch13/Source/scorch13.tpr   1744
Scorch13/Source/ToDo13.txt   1838
Scorch13/TI89(Titanium)/scorch13.89y   26536
Scorch13/TI89(Titanium)/scorch13.89z   1095
Scorch13/TI92Plus/scorch13.9xy   27484
Scorch13/TI92Plus/scorch13.9xz   1095
Scorch13/Voyage 200/scorch13.v2y   27484
Scorch13/Voyage 200/scorch13.v2z   1095

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