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TEXAS Fighters v0.1


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Filename fighters.zip (Download)
Title TEXAS Fighters v0.1
Description TEXAS Fighters is a fighting game, with NeoGeo Pocket King Of Fighters series graphics, programmed for TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+ and V200 (calculator auto-detect). It has been writtened fully in 68000 ASSEMBLY language, NOSTUB format. No kernel or external libraries required. Requires around 50 Kbytes of free RAM to be launched. Up to AMS 3.00 compatible. You must fight and kill the other player, two rounds minimum. OPTIONS menu allows you to change difficulty, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and NO AI : this mode for practice... Launching the game, you can select a SINGLE GAME to play VS calculator, or LINKED (MASTER) to play a linked game with an other TI-68k calculator (slave calc must be at the main menu of the game to be launched). After that, you can select a country, background files are not nessary, they can be stored in the folder you want (I suggest you to create a TFFILES folder on your calc to store backgrounds and players). Selecting the country, [UP] and [DOWN] keys change the background contrast. Now just time to select players... Have a good fight ! Mail suggestions at f.racine@tiscali.fr.
Author Flavien Racine (f.racine@tiscali.fr)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Fighting)
File Size 417,779 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Feb 3 23:00:24 2005
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Jared Schmidt
Reviewed on 2005-02-13
“TEXAS Fighters” is a really good game, even if it's the game's initial release. The graphics are really good, the game is fast, and the AI isn't too bad. I haven't encountered any glitches or bugs either, except when I gave it to my friend and he ran it on his 89-Titanium, the words on the intro screen were screwed up. However, it was fine when he ran it again. Right now there are only two characters to choose from, but even so, this game is still better than most other games for the 89. Maybe I'm dumb, but I think the combos were hard to pull off. The game gets a little bit easy after a while. Hopefully in the next release, the AI will get better. If not, it would be cool if you could play two opponents at a time :) This game is a great way to pass time in class.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
TI Files/BackGrounds/Boss.89y   7018
TI Files/BackGrounds/Boss.9xy   7018
TI Files/BackGrounds/Boss.v2y   7018
TI Files/BackGrounds/Brazil.89y   6930
TI Files/BackGrounds/Brazil.9xy   6930
TI Files/BackGrounds/Brazil.v2y   6930
TI Files/BackGrounds/China.89y   6578
TI Files/BackGrounds/China.9xy   6578
TI Files/BackGrounds/China.v2y   6578
TI Files/BackGrounds/Desert.89y   4226
TI Files/BackGrounds/Desert.9xy   4226
TI Files/BackGrounds/Desert.v2y   4226
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan1.89y   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan1.9xy   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan1.v2y   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan2.89y   5006
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan2.9xy   5006
TI Files/BackGrounds/Japan2.v2y   5006
TI Files/BackGrounds/Jungle.89y   7146
TI Files/BackGrounds/Jungle.9xy   7146
TI Files/BackGrounds/Jungle.v2y   7146
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof1R1.89y   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof1R1.9xy   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof1R1.v2y   5982
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof2R1.89y   8750
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof2R1.9xy   8750
TI Files/BackGrounds/Kof2R1.v2y   8750
TI Files/BackGrounds/Nyork.89y   6450
TI Files/BackGrounds/Nyork.9xy   6450
TI Files/BackGrounds/Nyork.v2y   6450
TI Files/BackGrounds/P48106.89y   5598
TI Files/BackGrounds/P48106.9xy   5598
TI Files/BackGrounds/P48106.v2y   5598
TI Files/BackGrounds/Spain.89y   6006
TI Files/BackGrounds/Spain.9xy   6006
TI Files/BackGrounds/Spain.v2y   6006
TI Files/BackGrounds/USA.89y   6174
TI Files/BackGrounds/USA.9xy   6174
TI Files/BackGrounds/USA.v2y   6174
TI Files/BackGrounds/Uworld.89y   6022
TI Files/BackGrounds/Uworld.9xy   6022
TI Files/BackGrounds/Uworld.v2y   6022
TI Files/FlashZGFXs.89y   2625
TI Files/FlashZGFXs.9xy   2625
TI Files/FlashZGFXs.v2y   2625
TI Files/Players/Ken.89y   47894
TI Files/Players/Ken.9xy   47894
TI Files/Players/Ken.v2y   47894
TI Files/Players/Keny.89y   46690
TI Files/Players/Keny.9xy   46690
TI Files/Players/Keny.v2y   46690
TI Files/TI Fighters.89z   21905
TI Files/TI Fighters.9xz   21905
TI Files/TI Fighters.v2z   21905
ProgLog.txt   7076
ReadMe.htm   7021
Pics/fond.jpg   1094
Pics/screen1.jpg   9901
Pics/screen2.jpg   8583
Pics/screen3.jpg   13445
Pics/screen4.jpg   13317
Pics/screen5.jpg   13189
Pics/screen6.jpg   13780
Pics/titre.gif   1371

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