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Pokemon Master 3 [Text only]


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Filename pmaster3.zip (Download)
Title Pokemon Master 3 [Text only]
Description In this game you can play as yourself, Ivysaur, Machamp, Jynx, Mew Two, Poliwag, Magikarp, Grimer, Machamp, Pidgeotto, Vileplume, Ekans, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Magnemite, Primeape, Squirtle, Slowpoke, Sandslash, and Drowsee. You fight against Wigglytuff, Ninetales, Butterfree, Kingler, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Onix, Butterfree, Golduck, Golbat, Arcanine, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Mr. Mime, Mew, Rhyhorn, Jigglypuff, Voltorb, and Ekans by using Agility, Whirlwind, Teleport, Thunderbolt, Hypnosis, Bide, Bind, Twineedle, Withdraw, Bubble, Swords Dance, Blizzard, Egg Bomb, Super Fang, and Tail Whip. Have fun and Good Luck!
Author William White (will_white25@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Pokémon)
File Size 5,420 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Mar 7 17:29:39 2004
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Joey McNamara
Reviewed on 2010-07-23
Although I haven't gotten to test the program, I cannot because the program does not come with it, but instead the source code in an HTML file, where you have to copy and paste into a Program Editor, which my computer OS does not support anymore. From looking at the source code though, it is heavily based on Labels, Menus, and Disp which indicates no graphics, (which I could of guessed from the preview of the title screen) which also is a down side to this program.

And then on top of all of the above, I'm guessing it wouldn't work in the first place, as no BASIC program will do this line of code:


Any programmer could easily fix that, but it happens at least twice, and then is only available to avid programmers who checked the code before they copied and pasted it. There are definitely better versions of similar programs available.


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