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Review by  Travis Evans
Reviewed on 2007-10-05
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Evaluation time: 35 days (Jan. 20, 2007 to Feb. 24, 2007)

Tested on: HW2 TI-89 with AMS 2.09

* Stability/Reliability: 10/10

* Features: 10/10

* Size/Efficiency: 10/10

* Ease of use/Usability: 10/10

* Documentation: 9/10

* Overall: 10/10

Recommended: Yes

If you use more than one or two PPG-compressed ASM programs on your calculator, you really should have Super Start installed. As the description states, you can throw away all those PPG launchers and directly run the PPG files quickly and easily from the Home Screen. Super Start has proven very reliable in my personal experience and is very convenient. The leak watch feature that works with Command Post Plus! is also helpful, even if you're not quite a developer—if you find that your free RAM is inexplicably shrinking even accounting for all the things you have in RAM, and it only gets recovered when you do a [2nd]+[Left]+[Right]+[ON] reset, this can help you find which program's the culprit. It works for all ASM programs that you launch with it, not just PPG ones.

I highly recommend using Super Start to start any PPG programs rather than messing with their original launchers. Sometimes those launchers are old and can either give error messages or even crash your calculator. I've been able to start programs that come with buggy launchers by using Super Start to start them. Especially given Super Start's size (which seems very small for a Flash App), I'd say there really isn't any reason not to use it.

I fully recommend Super Start. I'm hard pressed to find anything wrong with it at the present!

Review by  RJ Larimore
Reviewed on 2005-06-11
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Overall score: 10/10

"Superstart" is a very useful program, especially for TI-89 Titanium users. a lot of older TI-89 ASM programs are not compatible with the titanium, but some games come with a "ppg" program that can be run with "Superstart".

It is also great if you're too lazy to type in trailing parentheses when starting a program. So far, I haven't encountered any bugs with "Superstart".

Review by  Jared Schmidt
Reviewed on 2004-11-10
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I am a big fan of “Super Start.” It is a very useful program for lazy people who don't want to close ()s when running a program. It is also small and runs .ppg programs without their original launchers. My friend has a TI-89 titanium, so he was happy to hear super start was released for the titanium. However, I did encounter a couple bugs:

1) I tried to run “PreOS 0.71” and got a message that said it didn't exist in the VAT. However, it ran in the last versio.

2) I tried to run “PCTOOLS,” but it didn't work.

Although both of these problems can be corrected by turning off “Super Start's” "auto start" feature, it's kind of annoying to do so. Even so, by the time I finish this review, the bug will probably be fixed.

Thank you Greg Dietsche!

Review by  Doug Burkhalter
Reviewed on 2004-08-23
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

(This review is for a previous version; however, the only difference is TI-89 titanium compatibility).

I would like to say that this is one of the most useful programs I have on my calculator! It lets me run any ppg packed program without a problem. All you do is pick it in the “Var-Link” menu, just like you would any standard program. The program automatically wraps it with the sstart("..."). And for other programs, it automatically closes the end bracket too!

If you're lazy like me, or just want to be more efficient, get “Super Start!”

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