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Review by  Robert Marquess
Reviewed on 2006-10-07
A great game! Even there are only 4 classes and no AI, it is a pretty good game. When I played it there seemed to be a bug, though, and it wouldn't let me quit, so I had to remove a battery and replace it to get out, which deleted it.

Graphics: 8/10 Could be better...
Gameplay: 8/10 AI would improve it a lot!
Replay Value: 8/10 You could play it for a while without getting bored.
Bugfreeness: 7/10 Not being able to quit without clearing your RAM isn't so great.
Overall: 8/10 Overall a good game. I like it.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-09-13
“Skirmish” is a “Fire Emblem” meets TI 83+ game that works out nicely. The battles are all carried out in true “Fire Emblem” form, which is a top-down view of a 2D plane. The "small" problem I have is that the game only features four different units, but that's not to say this game is any worse.

Overall: 4 out of 5.

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