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Space Dementia v0.8


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Filename spacedementia.zip (Download)
Title Space Dementia v0.8
Description Space Dementia is a fast 3D wireframe space shooter. Features : 10 initial ships, 2 gaming modes (Asteroid field & Training), 2 control modes (Arcade & Simulation), 2 weapons : rapid fire (laser cannons) and remote missile (commandable like a ship), 2 camera modes, highscores, and other options. Now you can create ships (exported as external files) with Edit3D by David Coz and play with them in the game.
Author Thibaut Chevalier (moitib_calliope@hotmail.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (First-person Shooters)
File Size 99,335 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Mar 10 03:59:15 2003
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Dan
Reviewed on 2004-04-01
Cool game. Love the wireframe graphics. The mechanics are simple enough, could be better, but still good. This game is challenging, especially since you can only control pitch and roll, but you can't expect much more when there are only 4 directional buttons.

I'd just like to say nice job to the author. For somebody who learned 3D wireframe, this is definitely an awesome application for it; it turned out well. The modeling is great. I love the selection and variation of crafts; good artwork. There are different crafts, different sizes, and all with their own gun positions and everything.

You should definitely download this game, if not because it is challenging and addictive, then at least it looks cool and impressive, which adds a real plus to the game-play. You just have to try this out.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/game.c   57388
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/highscores.c   3240
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/main.c   7637
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/menu.c   11473
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/const.h   3719
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/game.h   6426
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/highscores.h   1247
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/main.h   1089
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/menu.h   5391
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/objects.h   23325
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/title.h   1555
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/clipline.c   4210
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/Space Dementia.tpr   725
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/SD v0.8 Readme.txt   12997
Space Dementia v0.8/Source/ShipEdit Readme.txt   3418
Space Dementia v0.8/ShipEdit Readme.txt   3418
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/mini.89y   585
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/cruiserx.89y   433
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/minix.89y   424
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/cruiser.89y   547
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/trishipx.89y   232
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/triship.89y   287
Space Dementia v0.8/Examples/Examples.txt   346
Space Dementia v0.8/Program TI-89/Space Dementia.89z   1793
Space Dementia v0.8/Program TI-89/Space Dementia.89y   20401
Space Dementia v0.8/Programm TI-92+ & V200/Space Dementia.9xy   20424
Space Dementia v0.8/Programm TI-92+ & V200/Space Dementia.9xz   1793
Space Dementia v0.8/SD v0.8 Readme.txt   12997

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