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Edit3D v 0.97 for Ti89


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Filename edit3d.zip (Download)
Title Edit3D v 0.97 for Ti89
Description Edit3D (the new name of 'SolidWorks') is a powerful editor,yet simple to use,that allows you to create quite sophisticated 3D Objects,from the simple cube up to the Formula One with more 300 triangles (see screenshots).The program is divided in two parts: the Edit Zone,where you draw your object,enter its depth...and the 3D Display Zone when you can see the Object you create in Real Time 3D,you can turn it,make it back and forth... You can display your object in wire-frame (fast),or in a solid form (no hidden surfaces),with the ability of using the Z-BUFFER technic and Textured Mode for a better display ! Note that you can put on each polygon a specific texture,you made with TEXTURE MAKER (avaible at ticalc.org/ti89/asm/graphic)... You can also see your Object in a Subjective view,as in Doom-Like Games! This last version allows you to export your files as Ships for 'Space Dementia' a 3D action game avaible in this site. NOTE , this version fixes the crash that appeared when you left the editor...
Author David Coz (coz.hubert@infonie.fr)
Category TI-89 Assembly Graphics Programs
File Size 112,009 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Oct 26 16:59:37 2003
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Paul Houser
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
Edit3D was the first of it's kind for 68k calculators. Not only was this program a true innovation, but the 3D tutorials that came out along with it also inspired some now classic games like "Space Dementia" by Thibaut Chevalier.

Not until the latest (version 0.97) release were all the calc crashing bugs removed. The first couple times I downloaded the program, there was an almost 99% chance that I''d be using 2nd-LEFT-RIGHT-ON in the next few minutes. There were all sorts of problems, lines drawn outside the screen crashed the calc, variable names larger than 7 characters crashed the calc, and many more. One must keep in mind, though, that those are the risks one takes using beta software, and most of the problems have been fixed; you can now enjoy 3D editing with little risk.

There are a wide variety of features in the program itself, most notably, the export to Space Dementia ships feature. This feature addition alone put Space Dementia and Edit3D on the top downloads list for weeks at a time. In addition to wireframe editing, one can also create solid structures, with both modes using a wide variety of tools. These tools include lines, rectangles, psuedo-ellipses, cones, and more. I haven't figured out how do it, but apparently you can also place texture maps onto object surfaces.

The editor itself is very straight-forward and easy to use. It uses the standard TI menus and status bar. The 3 plane editor is very similar to popular PC 3D editors like "Zanoza Modelor", and so the learning curve is very easy. There are a couple methods of viewing a 3D object, all of which are now crash free (viewing your object was one of the biggest problems with the early versions).

Rightfully so, the FLASH application version of the program was given first prize at the 2002 TI Flash Application Development contest. The FLASH version is VERY buggy, so I suggest downloading the latest RAM version.

Nice work, David!


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Examples/TEST.89Y   148
Examples/TRAIN.89Y   580
Examples/VIPER.89Y   1106
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edit3d.tpr   472
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