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Review by  adam honse
Reviewed on 2005-12-01
“Virtual TI v3.0 Alpha” is a great emulator for TI calculators. I use the .clc's from flash debugger because I can't get my TI84+SE's ROM image. The only problem I found was you can't connect with a link or load any other kind of file than Apps. I can't load programs on to use/test them. If there were a next version that supports these functions, it would be the ultimate TI emulator.

Review by  Lyndon Zhang
Reviewed on 2004-08-24
“VTI” is one of the best TI-83+ (SE) emulators ever. It features all of the capabilities that the real calculator has. In addition, the ROM image does not have to be downloaded from your calculator (which is inconvenient for me since my Silver USB link is in my calculator box which is under my bed), but can instead be gotten from the TI Flash Debugger available for free as part of the SDK. The only problem with this emulator is some advanced functions. “Mirage OS version 1.2” does not work on the calculator if there is a program in it--the sorting routine is not supported. However, this is already a good emulator, and the authors deserve to be commended. When VTI Pro comes out, I'm sure that the problems will be fixed. Download this software today!

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