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SkyRacer 0.55b (89/89T/92+/v200)


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Filename skyracer.zip (Download)
Title SkyRacer 0.55b (89/89T/92+/v200)
Description This is version v0.55 of SkyRacer, now TITANIUM COMPATIBLE, by Malcolm Smith. This game is a clone of SkyRoads, Plane Jump, Plain Jump, or Baballe. I made this game because I thought all the other clones were missing a few things, that are present in this game: an external level editor, random level generation support, in-game background drawing (above a city), a nostub program, high game speeds, and eventually calc-to-calc multiplayer through the link. v0.55b update: (Titanium compatibility), and the fade speed was tweaked.
Author Malcolm Smith (m@malcolm-s.net)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Platform)
File Size 187,900 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Nov 20 04:06:04 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Element Fire
Reviewed on 2004-11-27
“SkyRacer” is a fun game! I was a great fan of “Sky Race” back in the day, and this game is very faithful to the general gameplay aspects of it. There are minor differences abound, such as how all platforms are at the same level, but they definitely do not affect the gameplay in a negative fashion. This version cleared up a major fade glitch (at least on my Titanium), so there's no reason not to try this game out.

Pros: The controls are fluid and responsive, and the graphics seem to be really good for a calc. The frame rate never slows down, even at the highest speed (which, by the way, I would not recommend if you're a beginner). The backgrounds are a nice touch.

Cons: Sometimes, you spawn right at the edge of a platform, with not enough room to gain enough velocity (you can accelerate in the air, too, but sometimes there just isn't enough room) to reach the next platform. These occurrences are infrequent, but they do happen, especially on the higher levels.

Possible additions: Moving backgrounds would be nice (slowly scrolling as you progress through the track); they seem to be static as of now. A small meter at the edge of the screen showing your progress through the level would be neat too.

Final comments: I can hardly wait for multiplayer. Link-play in this game would make it even better. “SkyRacer” is an amazing game, and, considering that it's still in a sub-1.0 version, it carries a lot of promise.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
skyracer/89/editor/skyedit.89y   6214
skyracer/89/editor/skyedit.89z   2010
skyracer/89/skyracer.89y   14926
skyracer/89/skyracer.89z   2010
skyracer/92p_v200/editor/skyedit.9xy   6214
skyracer/92p_v200/editor/skyedit.9xz   2010
skyracer/92p_v200/editor/skyedit.v2y   5499
skyracer/92p_v200/editor/skyedit.v2z   2010
skyracer/92p_v200/skyracer.9xy   15088
skyracer/92p_v200/skyracer.9xz   2010
skyracer/92p_v200/skyracer.v2y   14930
skyracer/92p_v200/skyracer.v2z   2010
skyracer/license.txt   1586
skyracer/readme.txt   2424
skyracer/SkyRacer1.gif   1969
skyracer/src/clear.bat   16
skyracer/src/compile.bat   516
skyracer/src/copyall.bat   27
skyracer/src/copye89.bat   54
skyracer/src/copye92p.bat   62
skyracer/src/copyeall.bat   27
skyracer/src/copy_89.bat   40
skyracer/src/copy_92p.bat   48
skyracer/src/defs.h   4016
skyracer/src/draw.h   11628
skyracer/src/edit_draw.c   546
skyracer/src/edit_draw.h   136
skyracer/src/edit_globals.c   416
skyracer/src/edit_globals.h   606
skyracer/src/extgraph.a   56884
skyracer/src/extgraph.h   25956
skyracer/src/game.h   3030
skyracer/src/gfx.h   51460
skyracer/src/img/balls/1.bmp   1336
skyracer/src/img/balls/2.bmp   1336
skyracer/src/img/balls/3.bmp   1336
skyracer/src/img/balls/4.bmp   1336
skyracer/src/img/balls/5.bmp   1336
skyracer/src/img/balls/6.bmp   328
skyracer/src/img/balls/7.bmp   824
skyracer/src/img/balls/all.bin   512
skyracer/src/img/balls/all.bmp   3128
skyracer/src/img/balls/all.txt   2397
skyracer/src/img/balls/mask.bmp   824
skyracer/src/img/complete.bin   384
skyracer/src/img/complete.bmp   4664
skyracer/src/img/complete.txt   1587
skyracer/src/img/completemask.bin   192
skyracer/src/img/completemask.bmp   4664
skyracer/src/img/completemask.txt   976
skyracer/src/img/title.bin   1152
skyracer/src/img/title.bmp   13880
skyracer/src/img/title.txt   3714
skyracer/src/img/titlemask.bin   576
skyracer/src/img/titlemask.bmp   13880
skyracer/src/img/titlemask.txt   2023
skyracer/src/img/ut3.bin   7680
skyracer/src/img/ut3.txt   40319
skyracer/src/includes.h   281
skyracer/src/keyscan_edit.c   1281
skyracer/src/keyscan_edit.h   613
skyracer/src/level.h   9071
skyracer/src/levmenu.h   3909
skyracer/src/levmenu_.h   1666
skyracer/src/levstruct.h   210
skyracer/src/lvlfind.h   1327
skyracer/src/lvlfind_.h   1327
skyracer/src/prelim_ai_game.h   3720
skyracer/src/save.h   2566
skyracer/src/skyedit.c   8964
skyracer/src/skyedit.tpr   1573
skyracer/src/skyedit.v2y   6214
skyracer/src/skyedit.v2z   2010
skyracer/src/skyracer.c   1839
skyracer/src/skyracer.tpr   1506
skyracer/src/skyracer.v2y   15088
skyracer/src/skyracer.v2z   2010
skyracer/src/sys.h   5753
skyracer/src/tileset.c   704
skyracer/src/tileset.h   375

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