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Dragonball-Z-GT RPG


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Filename dbzgtrpg.zip (Download)
Title Dragonball-Z-GT RPG
Description In this wonderful game you get to play as yourself, Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, Trunks, Yamucha, Chaozu, Goten, Pan, Ubuu, Krillin, Vegeta, Puar, Bardock, Yajirobe, Master Roshi, Oolong, Chi-Chi, Gogeta, Gotenks, Vegetto, Goku Jr., Vegeta Jr., Videl, Hercule, Tapion, Marron, Bra, Ox King, Dende, Nail, Mr. Popo, and Minosha. With those characters you can fight Emperor Pilaf, Metallic, Gasuteru, Red Ribbon Army, Tao Pai Pai, Buyon, Drum, Piccolo Daimou, Raditz, Saiba-Men, Nappa, Dodoria, Zarbon, Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jaice, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, Cashew, Ginger, Nikki, Sansho, Vinegar, Garlic Jr, King Cold, Doore, Neizu, Sauzaa, Coola, Android 14, Android 15, Android 13, Dr Raichii, Android 19, Android 20, Android 17, Android 18, Cell Jr's, Cell, Bujin, Gokua, Zangya, Bido, Bojack, Brolli, Yam, Supopo Bihchi, Babidee, Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura, Majin Buu, Hiredugarn, Janemba, Ledgic, Lude, Bebi, Super 17, and the 7 evil Shenrons, Chii, Ryuu, Uu, Suu, San, Ryan, & Li. Against those evil villians you can use moves like Blast, Power Up, Ka Me Ha Me Ha, Solar Flare, Final Flash, Spirit Bomb, Kaio Ken, Special Beam Cannon, Punch, Ryu Ken, Donut Attack, Gallic Gun, Zanzo, Ki Ai, Zari, Missile, Kienze, Saise, Bunshi, 100 Ghosts, Kizou, Tsuru, Akesh, Ai Hou, Instant Transmission, and Taiyo. If you can find them, there are 4 cheats: Instant Win, Senzu Bean, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and Make a Wish. Good luck, enjoy the cheater programs, and the many save-game-slots :-)
Authors William White (will_white25@hotmail.com)
Alan Wu (porter) (tiprograms@anhsacdec.org)
Morgan Davies (porter) (morgazum85@gmail.com)
Category TI-73 BASIC Games
File Size 53,024 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Mar 3 20:37:31 2004
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.83P   4939
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.85P   5900
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.86P   5930
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.89P   5993
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.8XP   4960
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.92P   5994
dbzgtrpg/cheaters/CHEAT.9XP   5994
dbzgtrpg/description.txt   1496
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.73P   6844
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.83P   7696
dbzgtrpg/new/dbzgtrpg.85p   10038
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.86P   10444
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.89P   10025
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.8XP   7715
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.92P   10034
dbzgtrpg/new/DBZGTRPG.9XP   10033
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.73i   830
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.83i   830
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.85i   1081
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.86i   1083
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.89i   1955
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.8xi   832
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.92i   3725
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic.9xi   3725
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic1.bmp   1086
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic2.bmp   1922
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic3.bmp   3934
dbzgtrpg/ti_pics/dbzpic4.bmp   830
dbzgtrpg/William White - ticalc.org.url   247

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