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Review by  Mark Shaw
Reviewed on 2013-08-24
There was nothing wrong with Phoenix. When it was first released during my highschool career, my friends and I would spend hours after school trying to one-up each other's high scores. Between us were many countless game-overs with a kill count that probably has a few too many zeros behind it. The gameplay was very hard, but balanced. The graphics(on white background) were clean and precise. The upgrades were fun, and felt worthy to be worked for. In short this game was a 10/10.

Altered Phoenix on the other hand takes all of that and breaks it. The graphics were in no need of an overhaul. The gameplay felt the same, but the balance was lost. Easy gives you too much money for it's own good, but anything else didn't give you squat. Then there's the most important break. The beloved weapon upgrades didn't even work! I bought the L2 weapon, the L3 weapon... Nothing. In short, there is no advancement of firepower. That in itself kills the replay value.

Now for the breakdown:

Graphics: 5/10 They didn't need fixing, but they weren't horrible.

Creativity: 1/10 There wasn't much changed, and what was didn't really work.

Concept: 1/10 Take a classic and break it. Nice.

Controls: 10/10 This wasn't changed. This 10, though, really belongs to Phoenix.

Replay: 1/10 Don't do it!

Overall: 3.6/10.0 Pass it up.

Review by  Tony Seger
Reviewed on 2008-11-01
The graphics are an example of when different isn't the same as better. The new graphics (the screenshots shown are from the origional) don't even make sense, and what is wrong with that of the original? I would have to give this one credit for making the game slightly eaisier, as the original is hard even on easy and slow.

Review by  Rick Livernois
Reviewed on 2006-09-21
This was a great and refreshing "Phoenix" game. The graphics are great, and maybe better than the original. I do not know why, but it seems much easier to beat this game than the regular "Phoenix". The screenshots posted here are of the regular "Phoenix"; this "Phoenix" actually looks much different. All of the weapons are essentially the same, with weapons 1, 2, and 3 slightly modified.

I enjoyed this game, and all "Phoenix" players will enjoy it too! 10/10

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