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Review by  Andrei Akhmetov
Reviewed on 2011-06-14
I like the app, and its simplicity to use, but I think it needs Trig identities. That would make symbolic better. It freezes during uninstall when I try to delete a var with bad tokens using the uninstall wizard. Oh, and deleting the app has no adverse effects(Well, except for the Syntax error(Not a system crash), and the fact that the app is, well, gone)




Review by  Thomas Prescott
Reviewed on 2004-02-06
For any math student, of any level (well, at least pre-calc or higher), this is a must download.

This program has several Trig functions, a couple Calc functions, and several Algebra functions.

This APP has a simplification feature, which is very cool. It can make simplifying equations extremely easy (almost too easy :) ). It has derivative features for calculus students (and there pretty cool).

The trig functions are nice for pre-calc students. It can calculate CSC (cosecent), SEC (secent), and COT (cotangent). Although, 1/sin(x)=csc(x), 1/cos(x)=sec(x), and 1/tan(x)=cot(x) so it's not really necessary (and it's slower using symbolic, by the way).

Although, Symbolic also has Omnicalc's wierd token problem with OS 1.15 or later. I recommend 1.14 for the best results.

As for compatability, Symbolic 1.8 is fully compatable with Omnicalc. In fact, if you have Symbolic on the calculator (but not installed), Omnicalc will automatically install it when you install Omnicalc :) .

Good News: Simplification, Simplification, and Simplification. (Oh and trig as well, can't forget trig).

Bad News: Has Omnicalc's wierd token problems. Some trig functions can be done without Symbolic. No nice Online help like Omnicalc does (but there is some).

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