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Review by  Dayle Florio
Reviewed on 2011-11-13
This is a nice app. Not too big, very complete. looks as though it does exactly what it says it will, although I did not test everything on it. I especially liked the notes section; just in case one needs to be reminded of certain things like the polyatomic ions or the octet rule. Very Nice!

Review by  Max Heinritz
Reviewed on 2004-09-28
I liked the fact that “Advanced Chemistry Plus” is an application, but it has to load from the “Mach Technology System.” That takes a while. It has a nice GUI, but some things are spelled wrong (e.g. "chemestry"). The variable prompts are fairly vague, but can be understood after a few tries. I couldn't program this as well as the programmers did, so I respect that. There are a lot (20-35?) of sub-programs that cover almost everything in my AP Chemistry class. I use the lists of polyatomic ions all the time. The conversions options are complete. I haven't used the “EMNs.” Some of the subprograms just perform easy multiplication or division on the variables, so it isn't worth loading the app for these subprograms. I like this program more than others that serve the same purpose in BASIC because of its completeness and GUI. This program won't help if you don't pay attention in class: you have to know what to input, what units results are in, how to show work, which programs to use, etc. If you do the work for chemistry, but want to take short cuts on assignments then this is the essential supplement to your calculator.

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