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Review by  Joe Young
Reviewed on 2009-08-07
As the last reviewer has said, this utility is definitely a powerful tool. It has tile support from 8x8 to 32x32, including animated tiles and greyscale, and the ability to export such data as z80 or 68k assembly code.

Unfortunately, it has some till-now unmentioned bugs and somesuch. A primary flaw that has really racked on my nerves is the inability to export tile bitmaps featuring tiles greater than 8x8. This hindrance has made some projects more difficult, but not impossible. By viewing the tiles as 8x8, it's possible to piece together an exportable tilemap, but such a process would take a LONG time.

In addition, some feature are hard to decipher and are not explained in the text, which only contains the version history. There is little hope of an update or bugfix, since this version is no longer supported and it's corresponding site has been taken down, with almost zero contact with it's original author.

As far as it's core features go, it is still quite useful, just simply suffering from its outdatedness. Perhaps if the source code was available, someone might be able to fix it. However, it seems that it's life span will dwindle till the day someone releases a much more useful tool.

Review by  Spencer Reardon
Reviewed on 2007-03-15
This program is one of the most useful tools for any z80 or 68k programmer out there wishing to make tiled games. With a great GUI and functions to easily export the tiles and/or maps to EITHER z80 or 68k, this program allows easy integration of relatively simple or even complex graphics into programs. Not only will this program set up 8x8 or 16x16 tiles, but it also supports greyscale!

Overall, awesome program: compatible with bot z80 and 68k calculators, asm and C alike. Easy to use, great results.

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