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Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-05-14
“Alien Breed II” is one of the better games out there. It takes a while to win and it is hard enough to continue to be interesting, but it is easy enough to be beatable. The gameplay is relatively simple, but there are enough options to make it fun. The levels are varied in layout and objectives. “Passcodes” make it so you don't need to play the same level repeatedly, and external levels add even more variety. “Alien Breed II” runs very smoothly and quickly. The only bad thing is that the player and enemies move in step motion, rather than a smooth flow, but this is minor. Overall, if you have enough memory free, you should get this game.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-02-22
I love the Alien Breed series. They make great 2D RPG games that really in a sense feel like a Medal of Honor or any other mission based game for your calc. A fun game to play and if you don't have the archive room for Alien Breed 4, this is definitely the game you should get.

9/10 Challenging but fun!

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