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TIGCC Library v2.31


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Filename tigcclib.zip (Download)
Title TIGCC Library v2.31
Description A very big collection of functions (nearly 800) for the TIGCC compiler, which includes both standard ANSI library functions and TIOS specific ones. May be used for both "nostub" (kernel-less) and "DoorsOS" programming. Very detailed documentation in CHM format is included (HTML sources for non-Windows users are included too), in which more than 600 TIOS entries are described in details, so these info may be very valuable for assembly programmers too. The documentation includes not only information about library functions, but about the whole TIGCC project, including the compiler options, a brief reference to C language keywords, operators and punctuators, description of GNU C language extensions, GNU Assember, and much more. This library release (2.31) is newer than one included in TIGCC 0.9 package, so you should download it even if you have already TIGCC 0.9 installed (which includes TIGCCLIB 2.3).
Author Zeljko Juric (zjuric@utic.net.ba)
Category Windows Assembly Utilities
File Size 1,732,627 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Dec 24 21:21:46 2000
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


Review by  Dan Sandstrom
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Suitability: 10/10 Read above :)
Ease-Of-Use: 8/10 Too many HTML files!
Overall: 9/10 One slick programmer's tool.

Notice to programmers who hate ASM: Here is your chance to shine! The TI-GCC Library is powerful and extends almost the entire ROM's abilities to your hand.

The library is an extension to the TI-GCC compiler. It puts, at your fingertips, an innumerable amount of functions that can make your program smaller, faster, and more powerful. ASM programmers can benefit from this, too, as it documents all the major abilities (graphics, the VAT, and memory allocation) and some of the minor ones, thus freeing a programmer from the need to use an ASM shell.

Need I say more? I hate ASM with an undying passion (not as much as that for AOL though) and could have quite possibly found the perfect library.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Include/wingraph.h   7235
Include/alloc.h   3254
Include/args.h   5527
Include/asmtypes.h   585
Include/assert.h   2008
Include/bascmd.h   2810
Include/cert.h   2191
Include/compat.h   1711
Include/ctype.h   2883
Include/dialogs.h   1861
Include/doors.h   2386
Include/error.h   1168
Include/estack.h   22892
Include/events.h   7371
Include/flash.h   1543
Include/gdraw.h   970
Include/graph.h   6517
Include/gray.h   5461
Include/kbd.h   1821
Include/limits.h   696
Include/link.h   3020
Include/mem.h   820
Include/menus.h   2834
Include/nostub.h   4989
Include/peekpoke.h   785
Include/printf.h   20
Include/rsa.h   1129
Include/setjmp.h   446
Include/sources   22298
Include/sprites.h   1602
Include/statline.h   1760
Include/stdarg.h   377
Include/stdio.h   10793
Include/stdlib.h   9552
Include/string.h   2321
Include/system.h   5220
Include/textedit.h   3710
Include/timath.h   9155
Include/unknown.h   13465
Include/values.h   936
Include/vat.h   4994
Include/all.h   23
Include/intr.h   1363
Include/tigcclib.h   1115
Include/float.h   1169
Include/math.h   5990
Include/pstarter.s   11926
Include/tipatch.lib   2939
Doc/htmldoc.zip   600481
Doc/tigcc.chm   1061872
Readme.txt   26353

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