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Donald Straney


Donald Straney (burntfuse@gmail.com

Ranked number 69 in authors with the most files with 53 files.
Ranked number 185 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 151305 downloads.
Ranked number 308 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 28 downloads.


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File Title Category
83ttt.zip Tic-Tac-Toe with AI TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (Ion/Board)
86basicformat.zip TI-86 BASIC Format/Tokens Calculator Technical Information
86flagsundoc.zip MORE UNDOCUMENTED TI-86 SYSTEM FLAGS Calculator Technical Information
86mem.zip TI-86 ROM map Calculator Technical Information
allreg.zip AllReg v1.0-Combined Regression Package TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
bots2.zip Bots II TI-86 Assembly Games
calc_kbd_if.zip PS2-Keyboard-to-Calculator Interface Hardware Schematics and Plans
char83.zip TI-83+ Character Set TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (Ion)
char86.zip TI-86 Character Set TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
chordcalc2.zip Scale/Chord Calculator 2.7 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
chordcalc83.zip Scale/Chord Calculator 83+ TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (Ion)
chordcalc.zip Scale/Chord Calculator 1.0 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
contrman.zip Contrast Manager v1.1 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
csysman.zip Complete System Manager TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
darkforest.zip Dark Forest 0.9 TI-86 Assembly Games
divis_asm.zip Divisibility Tester TI-86 Assembly Math Programs
drawbox.zip DrawBox 1.1 TI-86 Assembly Routines
errorcalc.zip Error Calculator TI-86 Assembly Science Programs
expandp.zip Polynomial Term Expander TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
expandp.zip Polynomial Term Expander TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
factrp83.zip Polynomial Factoring Program, Improved Yet Again TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
formattime.zip Time Formatter TI-86 BASIC Misc. Programs
formattime.zip Time Formatter TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Time)
hwlink.zip Hardware linking plans Hardware Schematics and Plans
input_str.zip String Input Routine TI-86 Assembly Routines
keyref1.0.zip Musical Key Reference 1.1 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
keyref2.0.zip Music Reference 2.0 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
keyref83_2.1.zip Music Reference 83+ 2.1 TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs
keyref83_2.2.zip Music Reference 83+ 2.2 TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Misc. Programs (Ion)
linp3.6.zip LinP 3.6-Linear Regression Solver/Grapher TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
logv_asm.zip Variable-base logarithm calculator TI-86 Assembly Math Programs
logv.zip Variable-base logarithm TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
lotuscheat.zip Lotus Cheat v1.1 TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (Ion/Arcade)
lotuscheat.zip Lotus Cheat v1.0 TI-86 Assembly Games
math16.zip 16-bit math routines (multiply, divide) TI-86 Assembly Routines
mlc.zip MLC Interpreter 2.7 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
mon86.zip mon86 - Debug Monitor 2.0 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
noapd.zip NoAPD-APD Control TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
ondemo.zip Operation Neptune demo TI-86 Assembly Games
pcref.zip Physics/Chemistry Reference Package v2.1 TI-86 Assembly Science Programs
ptoz.zip Z score-to-percentile conversion TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
shiftscreen.zip Shift_Screen TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Routines
shiftscreen.zip Shift_Screen TI-86 Assembly Routines
simplify_asm.zip Fraction Simplifier TI-86 Assembly Math Programs
simplify.zip Fraction Simplification Program TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
syshack.zip System Hacker 1.7 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
trainjumper.zip Train Jumper TI-86 Assembly Games
ttt86.zip Tic-Tac-Toe with improved AI TI-86 Assembly Games
vfgraysprite.zip Very Fast Gray Sprite Routine (8x8 and 16x16) TI-86 Assembly Routines
_vputs_ml.zip _vputs for multiple lines TI-86 Assembly Routines
_vputs_ml.zip _vputs for multiple lines TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Routines
z80asmide.tar.gz Z80 Assembly IDE 1.32 - bugfix release Unix Utilities
zac_includes.zip Complete ZAC Include Files TI-86 Assembly Include Files

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