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Jeremiah Walgren


Jeremiah Walgren (melcahoon@gmail.com

Ranked number 294 in authors with the most files with 19 files.
Ranked number 572 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 55012 downloads.
Ranked number 487 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 23 downloads.


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precal86.zip PreCalculus Programs TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
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precal92p.zip PreCalculus Programs TI-92 Plus BASIC Math Programs
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priest.zip Duty to God: Priest TI-89 eBooks
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quest2.zip Quest2: The Mage Saga TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing/Text Adventure)
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scripturemastery82.zip Scripture Mastery v. 1.0 TI-82 BASIC Misc. Programs
scripturemastery83.zip Scripture Mastery v. 1.0 TI-83 BASIC Misc. Programs
scripturemastery85.zip Scripture Mastery TI-85 BASIC Misc. Programs
scripturemastery86.zip Scripture Mastery v. 1.0 TI-86 BASIC Misc. Programs
scripturemastery.zip Scripture Mastery TI-89 eBooks
scripturemastery.zip Scripture Mastery v. 1.2a TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Misc. Programs (Informational, Texts)
sm89.zip Scripture Mastery v1.1 TI-89 BASIC Misc. Programs
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