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Thomas J. Hruska


Thomas J. Hruska (thruska@tir.com)

Ranked number 294 in authors with the most files with 19 files.
Ranked number 334 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 93752 downloads.
Ranked number 390 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 48 downloads.


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File Title Category
82p.txt TI-82 Program Information Calculator Technical Information
ash2oshl.zip Ash <-> OShell-82 Development Kit v1.0 DOS Assembly Utilities
breakout.zip Breakout (graphical) TI-82 BASIC Games (Arcade/Pong, Pinball)
brekout2.zip Breakout II (text) TI-82 BASIC Games (Arcade/Pong, Pinball)
custom.zip Custom *.82p File Designer DOS Assembly Utilities
decsent.zip Decsent v1.0 TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
decsent.zip Decsent 1.0 TI-83 BASIC Games (First-person Shooters)
gamewiz.zip Game Wizard 2.0 TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (OS-82)
gamewiz.zip [Ash 3.0+] Game Wizard v2.0 TI-82 Assembly Misc. Programs (Ash)
gwsecret.txt Game Wizard 2.0 Secrets Misc. Informational Files
lasrfitr.zip Laser Fighter TI-82 BASIC Games (Arcade/Fighting)
multtask.zip Multi-Task Sample Engine TI-82 BASIC Misc. Programs
nibbles.zip Nibbles v1.1 TI-82 BASIC Games (Snake)
nuclearw.zip Nuclear War TI-82 BASIC Games (Role-playing)
scorch.zip Scorched Earth TI-82 BASIC Games (Strategy)
spikes.zip Spikes TI-82 BASIC Games (Puzzle)
sttng.zip StarTrek: The Next Generation TI-82 BASIC Games (Role-playing)
tictacto.zip Tic-Tac-Toe TI-82 BASIC Games (Board)
wire3D.zip 3D Draw and 3D Render TI-82 BASIC Misc. Programs

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