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Levi Lansing


Levi Lansing (puzzlesome@hotmail.com

Ranked number 175 in authors with the most files with 27 files.
Ranked number 208 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 138752 downloads.
Ranked number 136 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 115 downloads.


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File Title Category
86icons.zip TI-86 Icon LIbrary Windows Icons
anistd86.zip Animation Studio 86 v0.2b Windows Graphics Utilities
anistd.zip Animation Studio 86 v0.1 TI-86 Assembly Graphics Programs
blocked.asm Blocked In v1.3 TI-86 Assembly Source
blocked.zip Blocked In v1.3 TI-86 Assembly Games
bmp2asm.zip BMP2ASM converter/compressor v1.2 Windows Graphics Utilities
cooltool.zip CoolTool v1.1 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
dexter.zip Dexter's Lab Animation (4 and 8-level grayscale) TI-86 Assembly Animations (Viewer v1.0)
effects.zip Screen Effects! TI-86 Assembly Animations, Videos
effects.zip Screen Effects! TI-86 Assembly Source
flash.zip Flash TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
gray32.zip BMP 2 Gray32 Windows Graphics Utilities
house.zip 32-Level Grayscale Picture TI-86 Assembly Images
invall.zip Invert TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
kjicons.zip TI-86 Icon Library II Windows Icons
kjsicons.zip Just 86 Icons Windows Graphics Utilities
levism.zip [7 Levels] - Levi's Mario Levels TI-86 Assembly Game Levels (Super Mario)
lowbatt.zip Low Batt TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
nfshs.zip Need For Speed Animation (in grayscale) TI-86 Assembly Animations (Viewer v1.0)
poker2.zip Poker v1.7 TI-86 BASIC Games
rage.zip Super Saiya-jin Rage TI-86 Assembly Games
reduroot.zip Root TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
repeat.zip Repeat After Me v1.1 TI-86 Assembly Games
scrnsav1.zip Screen Saver 1 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
squ86inv.zip Squished 86 Inverted Emulator Addons/Configuration Files
squish86.zip Squished 86 Skin Emulator Addons/Configuration Files
synthdiv2.zip Synthetic Division TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
therace.zip The Race TI-86 Assembly Animations (Viewer v1.0)
ti86ins.zip TI-86 inards skin for VTI Emulator Addons/Configuration Files
ti86s.zip TI-86's [6, 32-level grayscale pictures] TI-86 Assembly Images
tictac86.zip Tic Tac Toe w/AI TI-86 BASIC Games
viewer.zip Animation Master Viewer v1.0 TI-86 Assembly Graphics Programs
vrle.zip Décompression VRLE TI-83 Assembly Routines
water.zip Water Faucet Animation TI-86 Assembly Graphics Programs
winvsmac.zip Windows vs Macintosh TI-86 Assembly Animations, Videos
zoom.zip Zoom v2.0 TI-86 BASIC Games

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