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David Hart


David Hart (davey3000@calccity.freeserve.co.uk

Ranked number 673 in authors with the most files with 10 files.
Ranked number 372 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 83300 downloads.
Ranked number 363 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 19 downloads.


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File Title Category
clock.asm CTime User Code TI-86 Assembly Routines
cspread.zip CSpread v1.2 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
ctime.zip CTime v0.3 TI-86 Assembly Misc. Programs
hilo2.zip HiLo v1.0 TI-86 BASIC Games
hilo_wspr.zip HiLo with TI-BASIC Sprite Maker TI-86 BASIC Games
rompatch.zip TI-89/92+ ROM Patcher v1.05 Windows Utilities
rompch16.zip TI-89/92+ v1.05 ROM Patcher 16-Bit Windows Utilities
strtonum.asm StringToNumeric Routine TI-86 Assembly Routines
tibas_comp.zip TI-BASIC Compiler v0.2 Alpha Windows Assembly Utilities
worms.zip Unfinished Worms Game TI-86 Assembly Source

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