The TIGCC IRC channel (#tigcc) is a real-time forum for discussion involving TIGCC. Official languages for discussion are English and French.

You can connect to #tigcc through the web:

You can also connect to this chan through an IRC client by joining #tigcc at (unencrypted) or with SSL/TLS, UTF-8 charset.

IMPORTANT: If you ask a question, please WAIT for your answer! It may take a few minutes for your question to get noticed. Also please do not ask questions like "Can you please help me?", but get straight to the point. (This advice is also valid for other IRC channels.)

WARNING: It is strictly forbidden to:

Any of the above acts may be sanctioned, at the operators' discretion, with a warning, a kick, a temporary or permanent ban and/or other administrative measures. Sanctions may also be applied automatically by a so-called bot. Any attempts to bypass and/or appeal the sanctions will lead to stronger sanctions.