Zeljko Juric

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Zeljko is the author of the TIGCC Library, which is, in fact, an interface to a lot of TIOS functions. Before the introduction of this library, there was only one header file for direct ROM calls supported only by kernels. By making a new library that could also create kernel-independent programs, Zeljko made C programs much more reliable and independent on kernel incompatiblities, caused for example by the introduction of new operating systems by TI.

Zeljko spent much time researching TIOS functions; this way he was able to document a lot of them long before the SDK was released by TI. This documentation has become one of the most complete and reliable ones available in the TI calculator scene.

Birth Date and Location July 14, 1968, in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Languages Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English. Understands something in some other Slavic languages (Slovenian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Czech and Russian), due to similarities with Bosnian language
Occupation Engineer of Electronic and Automatic Process Control
Graduation 1995, Faculty of Electric Engineering, University of Sarajevo
Graduate Thesis Principles of Analog Filter Synthesis
Postgraduate Study Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Sarajevo
Postgraduate Thesis (not finished yet) Various aspects of applications of Fourier Analysis and the Theory of Distributions to signal processing
Jobs Assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics (subjects "Principles of Programing", "Basic of Computers", "Mathematical Algorythms" and "Operational Researches")
Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Electric Engineering (subjects "Basic of Electronics", "Design of microprocessor based Digital Systems", "Computer architectures and organization of system software" and "Principles of Data Aquisition and Transfer").
Teacher of some computer courses (for example, usage of computer applications, advanced programming courses for students, etc., in addition
Published/Prepared Works Book for students with solutions in high mathematics (mathematical analysis and calculus)
Book about principles of programming in C++
Book with solved problems in electronics (in preparation)
Book about design of microprocessor based digital systems (in preparation)
Book with solved problems in applied mathematics (in preparation)
Computer Languages 80x86/Z80/MC68000 Assembler, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, Fortran 77, Basic, Clipper, MatLab, Mathematica
Favorite Computer Languages 80x86/Z80 Assembler, Turbo Pascal, C (not C++), Delphi, MatLab
Calculators Owned TI-89, Casio fx-8000G, Casio fx-9700GE
Hobbies Playing music: Piano (all kinds of music), also some brass instruments.
Played piano, French horn and tuba in the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, and plays piano and keyboards in the "Happy End" jazz band in Sarajevo.
Listening to music: Mainly rock
Sports: Climbing Mountains (likes nature and mountains very much), skiing, cycling
Marriage State Single