Sebastian Reichelt

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Sebastian found his way into the TIGCC project by developing an IDE for the still hard to use compiler. Once Zeljko had asked him to distribute it together with the rest, he also made a setup program and took over the compiler, which had been discontinued because the sources had been lost.

Birth Date and Location April 25, 1983, in Hattingen, Germany
Current Home Bonn, Germany
Languages German, English, very little French and Spanish, Latin in written form
Occupation Student at TH Karlsruhe
Published Works An article about changing custom monitor settings in Windows, published in the c't magazine
Computer Languages BASIC (QBasic, Power Basic, Visual Basic, TI-Basic), C, C++, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Ada
Favorite Computer Languages Turbo Pascal, Delphi
Calculators Owned TI-89
Hobbies Programming
Playing the piano
Table tennis