Niklas Brunlid

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Niklas has been in the online TI community since the beginnings of Fargo. He programs very infrequently due to lack of time, but has managed to release some (yet unfinished) games and programs for Fargo, Fargo II and DoorsOS, as well as some kernel-less programs.

The small changes Niklas made in the linker where needed for his Prosit project. In fact, what he did was enable linked functions to be called in a different order than the one they where written in. He also added the "quiet" switch.

Birth Date and Location November 16, 1976 in Lund, Sweden
Languages Swedish, English, understands Danish and Norwegian (text and speech) due to similarity to Swedish, can read very simple German and French texts
Occupation Master Thesis at Lunds Tekniska Högskola (Lund Institute of Technology) together with Axis Communications
Computer Languages MC68000 Assembly, Pascal, C, C++, Modula-2, Modula-3, Simula, Smalltalk
Most Favorite Computer Languages MC68000 Assembly, C++
Least Favorite Computer Languages Simula, Smalltalk
Calculators Owned TI-85, TI-92 II with Plus module
Hobbies Computer adventure games, the occasional FPS
A little volleyball
Favorite Music Instrumental Synth (Jarre, Oldfield, Vangelis, Williams)