Kevin Kofler

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Kevin found his way into the TIGCC project by fixing some bugs in the A68k assembler and improving its integration into TIGCC, and thus ending up maintaining the A68k project, as it had been left completely unmaintained. He is now maintaining the entire TIGCC project, including the TIGCC ports of GCC and the GNU assembler, as well as the Linux/Unix port of TIGCC.

Kevin is a very good assembly and C programmer himself. He has written many useful programs in A68k and in GNU C, which can be downloaded from his website.

Birth Date and Location July 1, 1983 in Oberpullendorf near Vienna, Austria
Current Home Vienna, Austria
Citizenship Italian
Languages German, Italian, French, English
Occupation University Student
Computer Languages BASIC (QBasic, Visual Basic, TI-Basic), Motorola 68000 Assembly, C (TIGCC, MinGW32, Linux GCC), C++, Java, LISP, Prolog
Favorite Computer Languages Motorola 68000 Assembly, C
Calculators Owned TI-89, TI-92+, TI-85, Casio Graph 100
Hobbies Programming
Playing calculator games