New IRC Channel (01/02/2021)
The #tigcc channel has moved to the OFTC network.
Update about Vista Support (03/05/2009)
We recommend disabling UAC to work around problems locating files in GCC.
Windows Vista Support (04/19/2007)
With some updates, TIGCC 0.96 Beta 8 now runs on Windows Vista and newer.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 8 (10/31/2006)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 8 released, adding support for TiEmu to TIGCC IDE.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 7 (07/30/2006)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 7 released, featuring GCC 4.1 (4.1.2-tigcc-pre7), bugfixes and minor improvements.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 6 (10/02/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 6, a bugfix release, released.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 5 (07/03/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 5 released, fixing several GCC and GNU as bugs and adding support for COMMENT_AUTHORS.
Graphical GDB (Insight) for TIGCC (05/16/2005)
A graphical Insight-GDB-enabled version of TiEmu has been released for TIGCC debugging support.
GDB-enabled TiEmu for TIGCC (05/01/2005)
A GDB-enabled version of TiEmu has been released for TIGCC debugging support.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 4 (04/30/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 4 released, adding support for GDB debugging information.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 3 (03/24/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 3 released, including GCC 4.0 by default and Mlink-format relocs
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 2 (02/09/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 2 released, adding support for the GCC 4.0 prereleases and fixing bugs.
GCC 4.0 Snapshot Available for Testing (02/07/2005)
A prerelease snapshot of GCC 4.0 for TIGCC 0.96 beta is available for testing.
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 1 (02/01/2005)
TIGCC v0.96 Beta 1 released, featuring many documentation improvements, a new, smaller ExePack launcher, linker and assembler improvements and a few bugfixes.
TIGCC v0.95 Final Released (10/25/2004)
The final version of TIGCC v0.95 has been released.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 20 (10/16/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 20, a bugfix release putting us closer to the non-beta TIGCC 0.95, released.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 19 (09/23/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 19 released, adding support for TI-89 Titanium FlashOSes and unoptimizable relocs and a few minor improvements and bugfixes.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 18 (09/15/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 18 released, implementing a new section reordering algorithm and fixing bugs.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 17 (09/06/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 17 released, including the new ttstart-universal launcher and fixing a few bugs.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 16 (08/10/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 16, a bugfix update for Beta 15, released.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 15 (08/05/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 15 released, improving constant merging and fixing a few bugs.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 14 (07/27/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 14 released, adding support for string merging.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 13 (07/21/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 13 released, adding code completion support to the IDE.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 12 (07/13/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 12 released, fixing a few bugs including an annoying IDE bug.
Code Completion in TIGCC IDE (07/02/2004)
Ephyx from Ti-Gen is working on code completion in the TIGCC IDE (beta available).
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 11 (06/20/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 11 released, fixing a few bugs including a show stopper in the command-line frontend.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 10 (06/10/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 10 released, featuring section reordering and lots of bugfixes.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 8 (04/27/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 8 (bugfix release) released.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 7 (04/15/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 7 released, adding support for Flash OS upgrades.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 6 (03/14/2004)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 6 released, adding support for the TI-89 Titanium.
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 2 (10/14/2003)
TIGCC v0.95 Beta 2 released.
TIGCC v0.94 SP1 Released (12/30/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 SP1 has been released.
Board Reader v1.36 (12/16/2002)
Board Reader v1.36 released.
TIGCC v0.94 Final Released (12/15/2002)
The final version of TIGCC v0.94 has been released.
Board Reader v1.3 (09/22/2002)
Board Reader v1.3 released.
Board Reader Problem (09/20/2002)
The Board Reader has a login problem after an EZBoard update.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 19 (09/16/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 19 released.
TIGCC for Linux Hosted on this Site (06/30/2002)
TIGCC for Linux is hosted on from now on, and maintained by Kevin Kofler.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 18 (05/31/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 18 released.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 14 (05/15/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 14 released.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 9 (03/31/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 9 released.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 4 (03/16/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 4 released.
The Quill Adventure Writer (03/08/2002)
Zeljko Juric has released The Quill, a text adventure system.
Board Reader v1.0, TIGCC v0.94 Beta 2 (03/03/2002)
Board Reader v1.0 and TIGCC v0.94 Beta 2 have been released.
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 1 (02/25/2002)
TIGCC v0.94 Beta 1 released.
Board Reader v0.71 Released (02/25/2002)
Board Reader v0.71 has been released.
Last Beta Version Before Official Release (02/03/2002)
TIGCC v0.93 is made available for download as a last beta before it will be released officially on
Pre-Release of New Documentation (01/06/2002)
I have created a completely new documentation file. It is not finished yet, but it is already usable.
TIGCC v0.92 SP2 released on (12/27/2001)
TIGCC v0.92 SP2 has been released officially on
TIGCC v0.93 Beta (12/27/2001)
TIGCC v0.93 has been pre-released for testing.
Another Maintainance Update (11/09/2001)
Another Maintainance Update for TIGCC v0.92 has been released for testing. It is called v0.92 SP1.
TIGCC v0.92 Maintainance Update (11/04/2001)
A maintainance update for TIGCC v0.92, which fixes some A68k problems introduced in TIGCC v0.92, is now available on this site.
TIGCC v0.92 Available for Testing (09/23/2001)
TIGCC v0.92 is now available for everyone to test. It should be released within a week.
New Compiler Binaries (08/26/2001)
GCC 3.0 has been patched for use with TIGCC; new features include optimization for floats.
A68k 2.71.F3e (07/24/2001)
A68k has been updated to a new version with a lot of bugfixes and additions.
TIGCC v0.91 SP1 (05/03/2001)
TIGCC v0.91 SP1 has been released on the site for testing.
TIGCC v0.91 Released Officially (03/25/2001)
TIGCC v0.91 has been officially released on
Another Beta Update (03/18/2001)
The TIGCC beta binaries have been updated once again. New features include downloading headlines and running files automatically.
Link Library with Shell Folder Support (03/13/2001)
I have started a new link library with shell folder support. It is not finished yet, but the next release of TIGCC will use it for automatic program transfer and start.
Finished Standard Library and Other Stuff (02/26/2001)
The standard library (tigcc.a) is now finished. A new addressing mode has been added. Tom's grayscale implementation is used from now on.
TIGCC Site Moved (02/22/2001)
The TIGCC site has a new URL: New email addresses have been created.
Updated Beta Binaries (02/20/2001)
The unofficial beta of the binaries has been updated to include some new features.
Screenshots and Examples Added (02/15/2001)
Screenshots and examples have been added to this site. Therefore the site is just about done.
Tutorials Added (02/14/2001)
The site now features some links to tutorials.
TIGCC Site Up (02/13/2001)
The new TIGCC site is now up and running.
TIGCC v0.91 Unofficial Binaries Released (02/13/2001)
TIGCC v0.91 Unofficial Binaries have been released. They should be downloaded to test them.