Official Downloads

All official releases will be uploaded to when they are done. They may be distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Current releases include the following:

Unofficial Downloads

Unofficial downloads might include beta versions or recommended third party tools. Please do not distribute any beta versions until they are officially released. You may use them, and please report any bugs, but they are not intended to be official yet. Third party tools may have special restrictions.

Current development (CVS)

The latest TIGCC sources are in a CVS repository hosted at SourceForge: please see the tigcc module at the tigcc-linux project CVS (ViewVC). Please note that the CVS is intended for developers only, no support is provided for building it. (We do, however, appreciate any bug reports reported against the CVS version and will respond to them as quickly as possible.) Beta releases will be made regularly from CVS HEAD.

Also note that the A68k assembler is not in CVS, it is developed separately and included in betas and releases only. The latest development sources of A68k are available as snapshots though: A68k assembler.

GNU Tools Used in TIGCC

TIGCC is based on the GNU Compiler Collection. Therefore we have to upload the source code of the GNU tools we use to our website. The links below point to versions which we have reduced to a minimum number of components. They are meant to be secondary download links; it would be much better to download these sources directly from a GNU mirror. Downloading them from here increases the load on the server. These files are bzipped tarballs.

Note: These files can only be used to compile TIGCC, since we removed most hosts and targets.

Other Downloads

These are special tools that are particularly useful for TI calculator programming, but do not belong into the TIGCC line of tools. If you think your program should appear here, or that your program should be removed, please contact us.